Words under the lens: Greek Numeral names No.39 - Greek words related to number "one thousand"

39.    Greek words related to number "one thousand":

Greek word XILIOI (KHILIOI) means "one thousand" (where symbol X is "KH") and XILIOSTOS (KHILIOSTOS) means "one thousandth", [Divry's Modern English-Greek, Greek-English Dictionary, 1988, p. 762]. a)   In addition to these, another way of saying "one thousand" in Greek would be ENAXILIOI (ENAKHILIOI), and "one thousandth" would be ENAXILIOSTOS (ENAKHILIOSTOS). This is in the pattern of saying two thousand, three thousand, etc.. in Greek. 

Turkish cardinal numeral for "one thousand" is 
"BiN" (MiN) and for ordinal numeral "one thousandth" is "BiNiNCi" (MiNiNCi) 

We also note that the Greek word KHILIOI is the cut off front end of the word KHILIOSTOS. Thus we could decipher the corresponding word ENA XILIOSTOS. 

a)   When the term ENA XILIOSTOS (where symbol X is "KH") is rearranged letter-by-letter as "ON-KATE-IOSILSH"  or "OL-KATE-IOSINSH", we see the altered, restructured, Hellenized form of the Turkish mathematical expression  
"ON KATI YÜZINCI" meaning "ten times hundredth",  that is, "10 x 100th = 1000 th".  The letter L in ENAXILIOSTOS is a replacement for the letter N in the source Turkish text.  So, the anagrammatizers have not used the Turkish term "BiNiNCi" (MiNiNCi), in stead, they have used a mathematical expression in Turkish meaning "one thousandth".  But even in this format, its decipherment establishes the linguistic connection between the Greek ordinal numeral ENA XILIOSTOS and the Turkish "ON KATI YÜZINCI" meaning "one thousandth".  

For comparison purposes, we have the Greek word XILIOSTOGRAMMON that means "milligram", [Divry's Dictionary, p. 741].

This Greek word XILIOSTOGRAMMON, rearranged letter-by-letter as "OS-KHILO-MIN-GRAMTO", is the altered, restructured, Hellenized form of the Turkish expression 
"AS KILO MIN GIRAMDU" (BiR KiLO BiN GIRAMDI) meaning "one kilo is thousand gram".  This Turkish definition is actually the definition of one "kilogram" rather than one "milligram".  However, we find that there has been a concept switch over between the definition of a "milligram" and that of a kilogram which is "one thousand grams". 

Since readers do not know how these names are made up, they would not be aware of this kind of switchovers under the table. Even in view of this transposition, we again established the linguistic relation between the Greek name XILIOSTOGRAMMON and the Turkish text that has been used for its fabrication. 

Although not related to the subject at hand, at this point, I would also like to note the make up of the Roman term MILLENNIUM meaning "one thousand years".  

The Latin word MILLENNIUM, rearranged as "MIN-ILLE-NUM", is the altered, restructured and  Romanized form of the Turkish expression 
"MIN YILLI aNUM" meaning "I am time of thousand years". This is also an unquestionable proof that this Roman term meaning "one thousand years" was also fabricated from a Turkish mathematical expression contrary to the claims that it is Latin.

Turkish word 
MIN means "thousand", YILLI means "with year", AN means "time", ANUM means "I am time". 

Polat Kaya