Words under the lens: Greek Numeral names No.21 - Greek words related to number "nineteen"

21.    Greek words related to number "nineteen":

Greek word DEKAENNEA means "nineteen", and DEKATOS ENATOS means "nineteenth",[Divry's Modern English-Greek, Greek-English Dictionary, 1988, p. 762].

Turkish cardinal numeral for "nineteen" is 
"ONDOKUZ" and for ordinal numeral "nineteenth" is "ONDOKUZUNCU". 

a)     When the Greek word DEKAENNEA, meaning "nineteen", is rearranged in two parts as
 "DEKA-ENNEA", we have the terms DEKA and ENNEA which were explained  under Item 12 -Greek words related to number "ten" and under Item 11 - Greek words related to number "nine" respectively. There we found that DEKA was part of Greek words which were made up from Turkish expressions that used Turkish numeral ON meaning "ten", and ENNEA was part of Greek words which were made up from Turkish expressions that used Turkish numeral DOKUZ meaning "nine".  Thus, the Greek cardinal numeral name DEKAENNEA has been fabricated from Turkish cardinal numeral "ONDOKUZ" meaning "nineteen", but in a disguised and indirect way. 

b)    In the Greek composite name  DEKATOS ENATOS, meaning "nineteenth", 
the Greek term DEKATOS meaning "tenth" also has the form DEKATON meaning "tenth", [Divry's dictionary, p. 468]. This makes the composite Greek ordinal numeral name DEKATOS ENATOS also as DEKATON ENATOS. When this name DEKATON ENATOS is rearranged letter-by-letter as "ONDOKASENTETA", we find that it is the altered, restructured, extended and Hellenized form of the Turkish ordinal numeral name "ONDOKUZINCITI" (ONDOKUZUNCUDU) meaning "it is the nineteenth". 

It is hardly coincidence that we should find this Turkish expression describing the ordinal numeral concept "nineteenth" embedded in this Greek ordinal numeral name DEKATOS ENATOS or DEKATON ENATOS!  Of course, we also find that the Turkish cardinal numeral 
ONDOKUZ meaning "nineteen" is embedded in this Greek term DEKATOS ENATOS or DEKATON ENATOS! These are the results of intentional use of the Turkish expressions by the Greek anagrammatizers in fabricating the Greek numeral names. This also tells us that there was no "Greek" language when Turkish was a worldwide spoken language!

In the Turkish ordinal numeral name 
"ONDOKUZUNCUDU", Turkish word ON means "ten", DOKUZ means "nine"  DOKUZUNCU means "ninth", DOKUZUMCUDU means "it is the ninth" ,ONDOKUZUNCU means "nineteenth", ONDOKUZUNCUDU" means "it is the nineteenth", and the infix "UNCU" corresponds to the English suffix "TH". 

Polat Kaya