Words under the lens: English words "IMMISERATE" , "IMPOVERISHMENT", "BLOCKADE " and "EMBARGO"




The blockade of Gaza by Israel has been going on for several years now. On the surface, it appears that Israel is blockading Gaza to prevent war materials from reaching the Palestinians. Recently I read a paper where the writer was talking about Israel's blockade of Gaza and he referred to a second paper on the same subject given at url:http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2010-06-01/israel-flotilla-disaster-gaza-embargo-us-supporters-to-blame/ 

The writer of the first paper noted the following:

What Is Israel's Blockade For? 
June 2, 2010 

"Many of my commenters seem to think that the point of the Gaza blockade is simply to keep war materiel from reaching insurgents in Gaza. That is not the reason for the Gaza blockade, though it may be one goal. But the strategy is much farther reaching than that: it is to topple Hamas by immiserating the people who elected them. Check out some of the war materiel being blockaded:"

In the above paragraph, the word
 immiserating caught my attention.  IMMISERATE is defined as meaning "economic impoverishment", [Oxford American Dictionaries], that is, to make a person or area poor.  But, according to this definition, Israel's blockade of Gaza will eventually make the Palestinians so poor and miserable that they may revolt against the Hamas leadership and overthrow them - which is probably what Israel really wants to happen.  In the end, the impoverished Palestinians may end up in such destitute conditions that they will probably have no choice but to surrender to the demands of Israel.  

Related to the concept that IMMISERATE represents are also the words IMPOVERISHMENT, BLOCKADE and EMBARGO.  I will analyze all of them here.

1.   The word 
IMMISERATE, rearranged as "ESIR-ETMAIM" is from the Turkish expression "ESIR ETMEYIM" meaning "I am 'enslaving'" or "I do enslavement".  Thus, IMMISERATE is essentially made from the Turkish expression "ESIR-ETMEK" meaning "to enslave" or "ESIR-ETME" meaning "enslaving". 

An "enslaved people are not only economically impoverished but also mentally and spiritually impoverished people.  In such conditions, people are condemned to wither away in time physically as well as spiritually.  Thus the Israeli embargo used against the Palestinians is essentially a hidden form of enslavement of the whole Palestinian nation.  This is a subtle point that is not clearly understood or explained. 
 Continuous enslavement and impoverishment by the Israelis will likely force a wedge between the Palestinians and their Hamas administration.  While the "enslavement" is done by the Israelis, in this the alterior motive of the Israelis would be to force a division among the Palestinians - so that eventual "divide and conquer" can be achieved. This is another subtle point which is not obvious.  Additionally, the term IMMISERATE - being from Turkish "ESIR-ETMEK" (meaning "to enslave") is not at all equivalent to the meaning "economic impoverishment" that is assigned to the term IMMISERATE.  In other words, hidden under the meaning "economic impoverishment" of the word, IMMISERATING, there is the unspoken concept of "human enslavement".

Here, Turkish word 
ESIR means "slave"ETMEK means "to do; to put in effect" ESIR ETME means "enslaving".

Also, from the linguistic point of view, I want to note that this so-called English word IMMISERATE has been manufactured from the Turkish expression 
"ESIR ETMEYIM" or "ESIR-ETME". The usurpation and disguise have been done so cleverly that it is next to impossible to detect that it was from a Turkish source text.

2.    The English word "impoverish" is defined as "to make a person, or people, or an area poor", [Oxford American Dictionaries].

The word IMPOVERISHMENT, rearranged as "ONV-ESIRIM-ETMHP", (where the P is an alphabetic down-shifting from the letter Q, and the letter H can be an H or an I or an E - as required,  thus, making the decipherment as "ONV-ESIRIM-ETMEQ"), is from the Turkish expression 
"ONU ESIRIM ETMEK" meaning "to make him/her my slave".  So, this is the true meaning of the so-called "English" term "impoverishment".  Again we must note that there is the unspoken concept of "human enslavement" embedded in this term IMPOVERISHMENT.

Linguistically, this manufactured "English" word is also from a Turkish source text. The English term "IMPOVERISH" is not the root of the term IMPOVERISHMENT as we are led to believe by the linguists, but rather is just a cut off front end of the manufactured word "impoverishment".  In other words, the word IMPOVERISHMENT was manufactured first, and then IMPOVERISH was made by chopping off the MENT.  And then, the reverse story is presented as the etymology.  

3.    Similarly, there is the word BLOCKADE, meaning "an act of sealing off a place to prevent goods or people from entering or leaving", [Oxford American Dictionaries].

The word BLOCKADE, rearranged as "ABLOKCDE", is actually from the Turkish expression "ABLUKA'DI" meaning "it is 'blockade'".  So this word BLOCKADE is also made up from a Turkish word. The Turkish suffix "DI" has been added to the main Turkish word "ABLUKA" to make the source text longer in order to enhance the disguising of the manufactured word (i.e., BLOCKADE).  The letter C in BLOCKADE is a replacement for the letter A in the source expression. So, this is another Turkish word and expression that was usurped into "English". 

4.    Finally there is the English word EMBARGO, defined as "an official ban on trade or other commercial activity with a particular country, an order of a state forbidding foreign ships to enter, or any ships to leave, its ports",[Oxford American Dictionaries].

The word EMBARGO, rearranged as "BERAGMO", is from the Turkish word "
BIRAKMA" meaning "do not allow it" or "do not let it in" or "do not let it out" or "disallow to enter and imprison what is inside" or "do not let it pass through" or "catch and do not let it go". These definitions, as meanings of Turkish "BIRAKMA", are indeed the definitions of the concept of "EMBARGO".  In other words, the current definition of EMBARGO given above is just an embellishment and/or deviation from the original Turkish definition(s) of "BIRAKMA".  Linguistically, EMBARGO is also an anagrammatized form of Turkish BIRAKMA.

It must be noted that the true intended meanings of the above words (immiserate, impoverishment, blockade and embargo) primarily constitute "human enslavement" which will eventually cause the death and destruction of the intended target community.  These true meanings have been disguised in the English words - so that people do not grasp their intended evil nature.  While the open "enslavement" of innocent people is viewed as unacceptable behavior against "humanity" and is considered taboo, it seems that the covert "enslavement" of innocent people under the guise of "IMMISERATING, IMPOVERISHMENT, BLOCKADE and EMBARGO" is acceptable.  This is nothing but duplicity!  This also shows the power of the "word".  If one uses a "naked" word with no sophistry or embellishments attached to it, people will understand the truth that it represents.  But if one uses sophisticated words, embellished with disguised deceits (as the above examples show), people will not understand the intended true meaning and hence, will come to the wrong conclusion - thereby falling into the trap set by a sinister victimizer.

Best wishes to all,

Polat Kaya