#2: About the Latin Word "QUIRIS"

Dear Friends,

In this essay, I will analyze the so-called Latin word "QUIRIS" or "CURIS" meaning "spear" [1, p. 188] , that is, the long wooden pole to the tip of which an arrow-head is attached and used as a weapon by ancient warriors.  We are all led to believe that these words are Latin and Indo-European but the truth is very different from that.

When "QUIRIS" is rearranged letter-by-letter as "SIRIQ-U", we see the Turkish expression "SIRIK O" meaning "it is a long wooden pole" which is a description of "spear".  It is readily seen that the original Turkish word was read backwards with some embellishment for disguising purposes.

Similarly, the word "CURIS", in the form of "SIRUC" (where C=K) is also from Turkish word SIRIK.   Thus the so-called "Latin" words "QUIRIS" and "CURIS" are different forms of a stolen and disguised Turkish word.

It is remarkable what can be done with a Turkish word or phrase when the source consonants and vowels are altered and rearranged.  In the above example, the "K" in Turkish "SIRIK" has been altered into a "Q" for the Latin word "QUIRIS" and into a "C" for the Latin word "CURIS" - even though they are both pronounced as a "K".  Why did they have to use a "Q" or a "C" for the "K" sound anyways? What was wrong with using a "K"?  The answer is that by using a "Q" or a "C", the visual contact is broken and by reading the source backwards or in a rearranged manner, the camouflage becomes complete.  Thus the illegal transfer of Turkish into the bogus language so-called "Latin" is achieved without anybody suspecting the occurrence of any fraudulence.  On top of that, a "new" concocted language, so-called "Indo-European" Latin, was created - which makes a group of wanderer Romans and the like ones into a nation.

By the way, in the above definition of "QUIRIS" or "CURIS" meaning "spear", even the English word "spear" is made up from Turkish "SIRIK".  In this case, the so-called "Caiser encryption" technique has been used. The "p" in English "spear" is alphabetically downshifted one letter from the letter "q".  In other words, instead of "spear" being written with a "q" and containing the "k" sound, it is written with a "p" which camouflages the Turkish source word "SIRIK" further.  Let me show how this works: Turkish SIRIK is rearranged as SKIIR, then the K is replaced with a Q (because the Q is still a K sound) thus making it SQIIR and finally the Q is alphabetically downshifted to a P thereby making SPIIR which is essentially the same as SPEAR. The final polishing on SPIIR is done by altering the II letters into EA to produce SPEAR.  The so-called "English" word "SPEAR" is so different looking and sounding from its actual Turkish source of "SIRIK" that nobody would ever suspect a thing - let alone recognize a kinship.

The world have been superbly conned into believing that there was this ancient and authentic language family called "Indo-Aryan" or "Indo-European". This essay, along with my other essays, repeatedly shows that the language family called "Indo-Aryan" or "Indo-European" is not authentic and is not ancient.  They have all been intentionally and secretly manufactured from that "proto" (birata), that is, one-father language of Turkish.  Clearly the world we live in have been built on endless numbers of lies and deceptions. The same process is still in full operation in the making of the so-called "new world order".

Best wishes to all,

Polat Kaya

1.     Cassell's Latin - English Dictionary, 1987.