About the Greek word "AGRIOGATOS" meaning "wild cat"

This presentation gives new insight about the Greek word  "AGRIOGATOS" meaning "wild cat".

AGRIOGATOS    meaning "wild cat", when restructured letter by letter as
GIR-GATASO-O  is from Turkish:
KIR KEDISU O    meaning "it is the cat of the wild fields", i.e., "it is wild cat".  

Turkish word "KIR" (GIR) means "uncultivated land", "countryside", "wild fields, mountains" and "KEDI" means "cat".  The suffix "-SO" or "-SU" is a Turkish suffix. 

The above analysis shows that the source for this "Greek" word "AGRIOGATOS" is really from Turkish "KIR KEDISU O".   The Turkish source text has been restructured and camouflaged so well that it is not recognizeable readily as Turkish anymore.

It must be noted here that even the English word "CAT" is a plagiarized and restructured form of the Turkish word "KEDI" meaning "cat". Writing the English word "cat" with the letter "C" but vocalizing it as a "K" is part of the disguising technique.  This insight is offered to the attention of linguists everywhere.

Best wishes to all,

Polat Kaya